Allen's Scrap Metal, LLC


Family Owned and Operated, Allen's Scrap Metal, LLC was founded in 80's by the late Odell Allen and his wife, Edna.  What started as a small operation developed quickly into the company as we know it today.  Odell and Edna put many years of hard work into creating our company.  Their son and Grandson, Mitchell and Hunter, carry on the legacy of their father. 

At Allen's Scrap Metal, we buy all metals for recycling purposes.  This includes cars, sheet metal, appliances, bicycles and non ferrous materials.  Non ferrous materials receivable by Allen's include copper, a/c cores, aluminum radiators, electric motors, brass, aluminum, aluminum cans, batteries, catalytic converters, stainless steel, and brass.  Please contact our office at 843-756-0687 for pricing.